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Source code editor
CoffeeScript development environment for JavaScript written in PHP using macros integrated into the development environment.
Feature Trial
A trial version of the function can be downloaded as a separate library module. Using the trial function, you can check if the elements are displayed in the correct order in the javascript interface. You can also download this function as a library module and test it on another machine using the test case at
A basic example of creating an application with PHPMailer
The main idea of the application is to create an email client with the ability to send messages to an email address associated with your domain, as the root user (which is currently a password entry).
Example: The script loads the image Figure1, loads the URL entered by the user. It then switches the window to full screen mode and clicks Submit.
Event setup
Set up an event that will be displayed in the input field.
Here you can change the type of the event, as well as define the time that must elapse before you start the application.
Settings for the user interface
Connect the app with the cookie and enter the email address of the robo user.
3. Remove current code
Select the graphic format in which the application should be saved and click the "OK" button on the toolbar. Next on the panel you will see the "Run" button.
A window will ask you to delete all project files. Make sure you save the latest project file and its settings, then click Cancel.
If you see the message "Cannot undo last configuration" when you save the configuration, save the previous code to a file.
The code completed successfully. Now you can run the application.
Some more examples of writing applications in PHDL
This is how you create interactive web pages on PWMailer.
When starting the phtostorm service, you will be asked to give permission to use the public and private headers in the php.ini and php_ini files. This should be allowed. To do this, you need to activate it in the file /etc/ fe70933767